Remedial massage

Remedial massage is for those people experiencing specific areas of pain and dysfunction resulting from injury, overuse, postural or structural issues.

Your therapist will perform a postural assessment and several tests to ascertain the source of the pain. A treatment plan will then be formulated to address the underlying causes of the pain.

Remedial massage techniques include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Active Release and Postural Release Therapy, along with various stretching methods such as Muscle Energy Technique.

Synergy Massage Therapy
remedial massage

Some of the conditions that your therapist can assist in treating include:

► Headaches
► Shoulder, neck and back pain
► Carpal Tunnel
► Tennis elbow
► Golfer’s elbow
► Plantar Fasciitis
► Knee pain

Private Health insurance rebates are available for Remedial treatments.

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