Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

Luxuriate in the healing warmth of basalt stone

The ili ili hot stone massage is a powerful, cleansing and nurturing treatment like no other.  It combines traditional Hawaiin Lomi Lomi massage techniques with hot stones used as an extension of the hands to massage the body.

The traditional Lomi Lomi technique uses long fluid hand movements focusing on the body as a whole, consequently cleansing and restoring the mind, body and spirit.

Basalt stones are used due to their smooth, soft contours and heat retaining properties.  These rocks are slowly warmed in water and placed on specific areas of the body to relax muscle tension. Finally, the stones are used as a tool to slowly sink into and release muscle tension.

Heat therapy has long been used as a method of pain relief.  The ili ili hot stone massage combines the healing effects of massage with the added benefit of heat to relax, sooth and increase healing blood flow to muscle and tissues.

Benefits include:

  • Healing due to increased circulation to the surrounding tissue
  • Reduces blood pressure, stress, fatigue and tension
  • Decreases muscle tension, stiffness and muscle spasm
  • Reduction in perception of pain

Furthermore, an ili ili hot stone massage will melt away any trace of tension and leave you feeling like a new person.

Hot Stone Massage is AVAILABLE NOW at Synergy Massage Therapy.

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There are certain health conditions where Hot Stone massage is not advisable. Therefore, please speak to your therapist to ascertain the appropriateness of this therapy for you.